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Are The Japanese Against Future Casino Resorts?

The future casinos in Japan have been announced and validated by the government, but the people do not seem to be quite receptive to these new gambling establishments. Is this a problem with surveys, which have shown over time that they are inaccurate? Is it a problem of perception of the term “integrated resort”? Anyway, the country has still not revealed the two or three operators who will have the privilege of building a casino resort.

Perception problem or real opposition

Before the government ratified, the Japanese people did not seem particularly excited about ​​seeing “integrated resort” casinos appear in their homes. The term integrated resort means a complex combining different activities and leisure, shops, restaurants, and of course, an important area dedicated to gambling (table games, slot machines, etc.).

According to polls – and we are aware that we should always be wary – only 26.6% of those questioned favor future casinos. In opposition, 65.1% say they are firmly against while the rest, less than 10%, do not yet know how to position themselves.

Are the Japanese people really against the concept of a casino resort, or are we facing a perception problem, as Edward Tracey, CEO of Hard Rock Japan, one of the contenders for future licenses, thinks? Is the objective when he says that the Japanese would have misunderstood the concept, or does he simply want to convince himself that the people want casinos (and therefore their own)?

“ Our research shows that there is no literal translation for ‘integrated resort’ in Japanese. If you say ‘integrated resort,’ they mean ‘casinos,’ and that gives a certain connotation that refers to the pachinko problems in the country. This does not show the difference between a place dedicated solely to games and an integrated resort. So our job is to help educate people right now, and that’s why we’re spending time on it. ” did he declare.

The fact remains that the firm Hard Rock is among the contenders for a future casino in Japan, alongside Las Vegas Sands (the favorite), Melco Crown and MGM Resorts. Wynn Resorts, which could still be racing a few months ago, now doesn’t stand a chance because of the harassment and rape cases faced by its ex-CEO, Steve Wynn. The government will grant two or three licenses.